Alchemy Box - Your CFO in the cloud
Your CFO in the cloud

Intelligent software to grow your business and stop you running out of cash.

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Don’t run out of money!

Simplify and destress, seamlessly connect your bank account, merchant providers, and other business signals. Your CFO in the cloud will automatically visualise and interpret your income, expenses and business performance. Anything you don’t monitor you can’t manage. Alchemy Box will notify you, so you can take action before you run out of money.
KPI Screen

Identify growth opportunities

Alchemy Box constantly scans your business for insights and growth opportunities into what makes your business tick. Set goals and track your progress against them. Use the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and target setting tools on the dashboard to monitor and track your business performance as you grow. Share your KPIs with other members of your team, clients and investors
Analyse screen

Manage your cash flow

Should I take a loan? Should I hire someone? Is now the right time? See the impact of your business decisions before you make them, with our easy to use scenario analyser. Your CFO learns more about your business everyday, producing intelligent forecasts for planning and budgeting.
Scenario screen
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